Getting a job can be tough.  When you find one that you’re interested in you have to submit a good application and impress at interview.  You need to show an employer that you have what they are looking for – and that you’re the best person for the job. Watch this film and get some advice from employers on applying for a job.




Tips for writing a good application:

  • Study the job advert and information carefully. What skills, experience and qualifications is the employer looking for? Some things may be ‘essential’. This means you will not get the job if you do not have them. Use your time well and focus on applying for jobs where you meet the criteria.
  • Your application form or CV must be tailored to the particular job and company you are applying to. Make it clear to an employer that you have the skills and experience they are looking for – and give examples.
  • Make sure your application stands out for the right reasons! Follow any instructions that are provided, check your spelling, and think about the presentation. Don’t forget that your application is an example of your written communication skills. Ask someone to check it over for you and give you their feedback.

For more information on application forms, click here.

For more information on CVs, click here.

Tips for doing well at interview:

  • Preparing for an interview is really important. Find out more about the company you have applied to. Visit their website and learn about the work they do and the people they employ. What does the company want to achieve? Think about how you can help them to do this. Your research may also help you to identify some questions you would like to ask them.
  • Re-read the job information and your application. This will remind you of the kind of person the employer is looking for – and what makes you the right person for the job! It will also help you to identify some questions that you may be asked at interview.
  • Practise answering interview questions with someone you trust. Here are a few questions to start with: Why do you want this job? What relevant skills do you have? What are your strengths? Think of specific examples when you have done something well. You should be able to explain what you did, why you did it, how you solved any problems and describe the outcome or success.
  • First impressions count! Arrive for your interview in good time and dress smartly. It is normal to be nervous for an interview but try your best to stay calm and be yourself. An employer wants to see your personality. They want to see that you are keen to work for them and enthusiastic about the job. Click here for more tips on job interviews.


And don’t forget to keep track of all the jobs you are applying for, what is happening with each application, and any feedback you receive on your application or interview.


Young people need to demonstrate what they can provide to the company – look at skills and experience gained previously at school, hobbies or work experience – some can be transferred to the workplace.  Use these examples during your interview if they can be related to the job.


They need to prove that they are going to be hard working, committed, reliable and willing to learn.  Examples of what they have done and why this job is important to them are really useful.



Watch this film and hear what employers have to say on how to be successful at interview.

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