You’ve got a job! Well done, that’s great news! Enjoy your new job and give yourself time to settle in, but also think about what you can do to get on well at work. Making a good impression on your new employer is really important – ensure you keep your skills up-to-date, have a positive attitude and work hard and that you do your job to the best of your ability.


Be positive and enthusiastic – show that you are keen to do well in your new job.

Work hard and try your best. Always be on the look out for opportunities and ways to help.

Keep motivated and grasp opportunities.

Use your initiative and try to help out your colleagues.

Try to do that little bit extra – maybe arrive at work a little early, or stay a little late to finish a job.

The world of work is changing – new technology and different ways of doing things means it really important to keep your skills up-to-date.

Think – put yourself in your employer’s shoes – what would you want from an employee if you were paying them?


Last week one of our apprentices worked late to photocopy papers that were needed for an important meeting the next morning.  The photocopier got jammed. He tried to fix it but couldn’t, so he went to the company next door, who we share facilities with, he explained the problem and asked to use their photocopier. He also arranged for an engineer to fix our copier the next day.  This saved us lots of time and ensured that we had the papers we needed.


As you carry out your work, you will develop your confidence and gain experience. You will also develop your knowledge and skills by watching and learning from the people you work with. This is called learning ‘on the job’. Your employer may encourage and support you to take part in more formal training. Ask your line manager and colleagues about what learning opportunities are available to you.  You can also sign up for courses in your own time – to help you do well in your current job or to support you to progress to a different job or a higher position.


Watch this film on how to impress your employer and do well at work.

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