Young people have a lot to offer.

We like to give them a chance to prove themselves and do well. They often surprise you with what they have to offer.

Download 'A guide for young people'

You have skills that employers will want.  You may be good at solving problems. Perhaps you work well as part of a team. Maybe you are a hard worker or you have some qualifications?

This website tells you about the skills and qualities that are particularly important to employers. It includes information and activities to help you understand what employers want. It will help you to identify the skills you already have and the skills you may need to improve or develop. It also gives ideas on how you can show employers that you have these skills, either when you’re applying for a job or once you are in work.

Employers like young people. Watch this film to find out more about the benefits that young people bring to different employers. Make a note of the skills and qualities they value in young people.