As a result of the project, we are now going to introduce young person-led question and answer sessions with selected employers.

Pilot provider

This ‘project in a box’ guide outlines the Young People and Employability Skills pilot project. It sets out our work with three providers across the UK to design and deliver the project. It highlights the benefits of the project for the three providers involved, and also the young people and employers who took part. It includes a range of supporting documents to help you get started with your own project.

The three providers involved in the pilot were:

  • ACT Training – a leading training provider in Wales.
  • Southway Housing Trust – a local housing company in England.
  • Glasgow City Council Employment and Skills Partnership team – a local authority in Scotland.

Their role was:

  • To recruit and support 10 unemployed young people to conduct short face to face interviews with local employers.
  • To arrange for the young people to attend a 1 day research skills training session, delivered by NIACE staff. The training was held at the premises of each partner organisation, and at least one member of staff also attended.
  • To arrange for the young people to conduct short interviews with local employers and provide further support as necessary.
  • To work with the young people to compile the key findings from the interviews and send a summary to NIACE.
  • To contribute to the drafting of resources, including a guide for young people looking for work.

Partners reported that the project had provided them with a new approach to supporting young people to develop their employability skills, and new resources to share and use with unemployed young people. It had also resulted in new and stronger relationships with local employers, and up-to-date knowledge of what employers are seeking when recruiting a young person.

Read this blog by the project lead at Glasgow City Council and find out more about what difference the project made to this provider and the young people they support.



Engaging young people
Engaging employers and partners
Training and supporting young people to interview employers
Analysing the interview findings
Making use of the findings and sharing them with others

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